Monday, March 22, 2010

Now that spring is rolling around, Dusty loves sitting by the screen door and bathing in the sun. I can also really tell he loves feeling the breeze now that the weather is rising. But nothing replaces a good old walk around the block.

Here is a picture of him laying by the screen door. He loves the sun, and that day was a particularly sunny day.

This is also my first time doing some post processing after taking a picture of dusty! But it is nothing major. Just adjust some levels and the color balance.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dusty is quite cute.

This is another picture that I really like:

Thursday, February 11, 2010


I finally got some photos of sleeping dusty. Okay, he ended up waking up right when I took the picture. But since he was already awake, I took the time to play around with the shutter speed and the aperture. I wish there was a way to get the aperture and shutter speed out of each picture rather than me having to write it down or something. I forgot my settings for the following photos.

Higher shutter speed. Aperture was 2.5 or something.

Lower shutter speed, aperture was the same.

It was cool that Dusty was able to stay in the same position for that long while I was taking photos. All the other pictures came up blurry. :( Getting use to the Manual Focus.

Another picture, but Dusty did move.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Finding toys for dusty seems like a crapshoot at first. But in the end, he loves his little alligator toy (second picture from the left). Here is a collection of photos of dusty playing with his toys.

Dusty and his cage

Fortunately for us, Dusty was crate trained when we first got him. We originally had the got a Petco Classic Kennel from our breeder, which worked well. But Kevin thought it was "too small". So Kevin got him a bigger crate from Amazon:

Midwest Life Stages Double-Door Folding Metal Dog Crate
This was the highest rated crate on Amazon, and I can see why. The crate is foldable, so it easily compacts for nice storage. The two doors are nice so that the dog can get out easily. It is also really roomy for corgi, since the crate is so big. Here are some pictures of Dusty in his crate:

Before After (Please saaave meee)

We were able to fit in a bed and have extra space for Dusty to play in his new cage. However, Dusty would rather sleep on the plastic floor rather than the bed. Dusty is so strange sometimes.

I really like the following picture I took of Dusty in his crate, although you really can't tell. The lighting came out really well due to the shadows of the bars:

Unfortunately, I am an amateur photographer... The AF of my camera was always focusing on the cage rather than Dusty. I will switch to manual though, one day. Also, all the pictures I take of Dusty are coming out orangeish... It was cool for a little awhile, but I am getting sick of it. I can do some "post-processing", like my roommate does. But I am really too lazy for that.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

First Week with Dusty

The first week with Dusty was definitely a learning experience. He had plenty of accidents everywhere in the house. The house also got really dirty. Since the yard wasn't done, Dusty got dirt all over his feet after eliminating, which caused bits of dirt to be everywhere in the house. This drove Kevin c-r-a-z-y. Kevin is a completely neat freak and his home is his temple. Any disorganization or uncleanliness was detrimental to his sanity. Figuring out a balance between Kevin's clean standards and Dusty's dirty habits will be a challenge, but we've been working toward a solution. A lot of it is compromise though.

Here are some pictures of Dusty's first week:

The diamond on his back is really cool.

This is one of the cutest pictures I have:

I found out really quickly that Dusty loves to play with fabric-like things. Whenever we gave him a toy, he would chew off the tag first. That is why we thought the rope-toy would be perfect. He did end up loving that thing:

This was my first time brushing Dusty. He was really scared, and didn't like it one bit. Later on, he got use to it:

Aww... poor puppy, he was so scared:

Figuring out Dusty's favorite toys and treats was the hardest part. We would end up going to Petco and buying random things in order to experiment with Dusty's tastes. In the end, his favorite toy ended up being a stuff furry alligator toy. Who knew?


Hello there! My name is Lita and I finally decided to start a blog about Dusty! There is so much to write about. But lets start from the beginning.

Kevin--my boyfriend of 4 years--and I decided to get a dog back when Kevin moved into his newly remodeled home in June 2009. However, moving in, finding roommates, busy schedules, and other things in life prevented us to get one. Thus we decided to wait till next year, after the yard was done.

However, I decided to do some research about finding a dog. Surprisingly, Kevin was the one who really wanted a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. I thought it was kind of a girly dog because corgis were so cute. But after some research, I found out that corgis are really awesome dogs. Medium-sized dog, but has a lot of energy. We wanted an active dog so that we can live active life-sytles. Most of the time, Kevin and I are lazy couch potatoes... That is slowly changing! The most important factor for me was that the breed had to be "smart", aka very trainable. Luckily, I found that corgis are very smart dogs, being number 11 on the "Smartest Dog" list.

I massively spammed all the breeders from the Golden Gate Pembroke Welsh Corgi Fanciers within my area, once we realized that we wanted a corgi for sure. Only two responded back saying that all their puppies were taken or that I would have to fill out a form and wait 6 months. However, one of them referred me to Tim. He actually had two 4 month old puppies, Chad and Dusty. He ended up choosing to keep Chad and train him for show. Thus, making Dusty available for adoption!

Tim sent us the pictures below:

Dusty at 5 weeks old:

Dusty at 4 months old:

After seeing those pictures, I scheduled to meet Tim and Dusty ASAP. After meeting Dusty, I automatically knew he was the one. Dusty was completely sociable with Kevin and me. He was excited to see me and Kevin, and totally licked my hand. While I was playing with him for about an

This was a picture of me meeting Dusty for the first time!

While playing with Dusty for about an hour, he got some dust stuck to his nose, that was when I knew Dusty was was the perfect name for him. Tim said changing his name wouldn't be a problem, but Dusty was really too perfect.

Kevin and I adopted Dusty in December 2009. I really feel so lucky to have him!